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Client Avoided A Conviction

When a successful County businessman was arrested for a second DWI, we were able to identify a number of inconsistencies in his police report and successfully negotiated an outcome with the Prosecuting Attorney that allowed our Client to avoid a conviction.

An Active Military Serviceman DWI Dismissed

An active military serviceman was faced with a DWI, we used the strengths in our case to have his charge amended to a lesser violation. Now he will not have a DWI conviction on his record and avoid having any negative impact on his military service.

Avoided DUI Conviction

A police officer pulled over a successful metro-west man with an extremely high BAC and a prior on his record. When we deposed the officer we discovered that the officer's police report was based heavily upon notes that he had written on the palm of his own hand and were highly unreliable. We used this information to negotiate an outcome with the prosecuting attorney that allowed our client to avoid a conviction.

DWI charge was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney

In a Southern Missouri county, a married mom was stopped while driving home from a get together and arrested for DWI. We investigated and found that the maintenance on the breath test machine was out of date and her DWI charge was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney.

The Charges Against Our Client Were Dismissed

A north county municipality police officer arrested one of our clients for DWI and violated a number of his rights. When we reviewed the report, we found that it was fraught with inconsistencies and was even incomplete in some sections. The charges against our client were dismissed.

DWI Was Amended To A Stop Sign Violation

A small metro west municipality charged our client with failure to signal turn and DWI. After reviewing the police report, we found that the officer never even alleged that the defendant failed to signal, and that he was refused an opportunity to contact an attorney. As a result, the DWI was amended to a stop sign violation and the other charge was dismissed.

DWI Charge Reduced To A Lesser Violation

A CDL holder with a prior DWI from 1984 was charged with DWI after an officer saw him drink one beer at a bar and then drive one block to his house. Based on the facts of the case, we were successful in having his DWI charge reduced to a lesser violation.

DWI Charge Was Reduced

A metro west man was pulled over drinking and driving and was facing a DWI charge. Through careful research and investigation, we were able to find that the officer who observed the man before his breath test did not have a proper permit. Because of this, the DWI charge was reduced and our client avoided a conviction.

DWI Reduced To A Lesser Violation

One of our clients contacted us after failing to take care of a DWI charge more than ten years ago. After taking on the case, we were able to find a number of inconsistencies in the report and have the matter reduced to a lesser violation.

Reduced The DWI To A Lesser Charge

A man was pulled over and arrested in a south eastern Missouri community after failing field sobriety tests. The arresting officer ignored the fact that the man did not speak English and couldn't understand the instructions. Because of this, we were able to negotiate an outcome with the prosecutor, who reduced the DWI to a lesser charge.

2nd DWI Amended to Traffic Ticket

A man who was currently on probation for DWI was arrested for a 2nd DWI in the metro west. He faced a probation revocation in addition to the new DWI charge. We were able to determine that his traffic infractions were caused by seizures rather than alcohol abuse, and got his 2nd DWI amended to a traffic ticket. Because of this, he was allowed to continue on probation for his first DWI charge and didn't have to suffer a conviction or jail time or worse!

Municipal Charge Set For Jury Trial

When our client faced a bad DWI charge in a small municipality, we certified the matter for a jury trial and elicited the help of a medical expert as well as witnesses who knew our client hadn't been drinking that day. On the day of the trial, the municipal prosecutor dismissed the charges against our client completely.

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